Fire Inspections

Annual fire inspection fee is based on the square footage of commercial property to be inspected.

Fire Inspection Application

The Code Enforcement Officer and/or Fire Marshal of the Borough of Sharon Hill is
authorized and directed to make annual inspections of each commercial
business/property in the Borough of Sharon Hill in order to safeguard the health and
satety of the occupants thereof and in order to determine and enforce compliance with
the codes, laws and regulations applicable to such units and the structures containing
such units. The Code Enforcement Officer and/or Fire Marshal is further authorized to
enter, for the purpose of such inspection, all commercial businesses/properties, and it is
the duty of commercial business/property owners to provide access to such properties
upon request by’ the Code Enforcement Office and/or FireMarshal.
Inspection checklist includes however is NOT limited to:

  1. Fire Extinguisher,
  2. Emergency Lighting
  3. Fire Alarm systems
  4. Sprinkler system (inspection dates)
  5. Emergency Equipment of all kinds
  6. Emergency Exits (Clear Pathway)
  7. Electrical Panels (3-foot clearance)
  8. Fire escapes (Must have a current inspection)
  9. Fire escape Plan (daycare, schools & Other Business)
  10. MateriaI Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Business with chemical or material with classification)


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