Annual Rental License Fee is / S40.00 for each additional unit.
Use & Occupancy Fee is S150.00

§200-4 Rental dwelling license; use and occupancy permits.

Licenses and permits required; exception.
Every person, firm, corporation or any other type of entity owning, managing or operating a
dwelling unit and/or rooming unit shall not rent, lease, let out or permit the same to be occupied
without first applying for and securing the following: An annual rental dwelling license for each
occupied and/or vacant dwelling(s) issued pursuant to the provisions of this article and other
applicable ordinances, rules and regulations enacted by the Borough Council.

(2) The above requirements for an annual rental dwelling license shall not apply to a residential
owner-occupied individual dwelling unit with one additional unit (total of two units).

(3) A use and occupancy permit shall be required whenever there is a change of ownership or
structural modification or structural addition to any residential structure or any commercial or
industrial structure.
The appropriate Borough officials are hereby authorized and directed to process all applications
for use and occupancy permits and rental dwelling licenses and, prior to the issuance of same,
determine by inspection that all the requirements of this article and/or any other applicable
ordinance, rules and regulations enacted by the Borough Council have been met. The fee for the
application and issuance of any use and occupancy permit and rental dwelling license, as well as
any fee for reinspection(s) of properties, shall be set from time to time at the discretion of Borough
Council by resolution.
An operating license for all rentals, leased, subleased single- or multiple-family dwellings or
rooming house shall be valid for a period of one year, unless revoked for noncompliance of any
Borough ordinance or nonpayment of Borough sanitary sewer or trash collection fee, and such
license shall be renewable for successive periods of one year from the original date of
application for said license. Licenses shall not be transferable.


Rental & U&O Inspection Check list
Includes & is not limited to:


  • Roof in good condition
  • Wall surfaces in good condition
  • Doors in good condition
  • Downspouts & gutters in good condition
  • Pavements in good condition
  • Railings in good condition
  • Safety glazing in good condition
  • No trash and debris


  • Painted surfaces in good condition
  • Floors in good condition
  • Doors in good condition
  • Utilities are on
  • Railings in good condition
  • Fire extinguisher in kitchen
  • One smoke alarm each floor
  • One smoke alarm in each bedroom
  • One carbon monoxide alarm on each floor
  • Ground fault protected outlets within 6ft of a water source
  • Light fixtures are secure
  • Outlets work


If a property is not being used as a rental property:

  • Printout the rental affidavit. RENTAL AFFIDAVIT
  • Complete the affidavit and have it notarized.
  • Send the completed and notarized affidavit to:
    Sharon Hill Borough Hall
    250 Sharon Avenue
    Sharon Hill, PA 19079


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