When to submit a zoning use application?

  1. A zoning permit must be submitted prior to the alteration or erection of any building, structure or portion thereof, including signs, prior to use or change of a building, land or prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use.
  2. When an owner wants to open a business at a building or at a residence
  3. When an owner or business want to put up a sign on the property or the land around the building
  4. When the owner wants to put up an accessory structure (i.e. Shed or garage)
  5. When an owner of a property want to put up a deck or patio.


The following is the order for which each zoning application must be distributed.

Zoning Use Application
Fee: $60.00
1st This application is for the approval of a business or occupancy in a particular zoning district.

Zoning Appeal Application
Fee: $1,000.00/ Residential
$1,500.00/ Commercial
2nd This application is issued after the official zoning letter had been sent to the
applicant because zoning requirements have not been met.

Zoning Variance/ Special Exception
Fee: $350.00
Reserved for applicants who disagree with the zoning board’s decision. The applicant may proceed to county common pleas court for a hearing.
Please contact the zoning officer, Rufus Stokes, for questions about zoning.
codessharonhill@gmail.com Office: (610)586-8220 Cell: (610)348-1050


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