Government – Mayor




Harry is a lifelong resident of Sharon Hill and a dedicated Amtrak employee with 37 years of tenure. Over the years, Harry has worked in many different capacities at Amtrak, and he is currently a Safety Liaison to the Mechanics and Repairmen with the Engineering department within the Northeast Region. He serves as the Local Union Chairman, representing members fairly and effectively in “employment relation” matters, and “contractual terms and conditions” of employment. Harry has coached and mentored the youth of Sharon Hill for years, providing a character building experience, while teaching good sportsmanship through youth sports participation. He volunteers at St. John’s Hospice, working with the homeless to provide food and clothing. Harry is happily married for 35 years to his wife Mary. They have two wonderful and successful children and they are grandparents to 6 beautiful grandchildren. “When elected Mayor of Sharon Hill, I will work hard to reestablish a crucial element in our local government. That is the concept that diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. I believe in an open government, responsible leadership, as well as catering to the needs of the people, not the party. I represent positive change within our community, and I advocate for a Borough Council Ethics Committee. We need to be more dedicated to the welfare of our children and their families, making sure residents are and feel safe no matter which neighborhood they reside in. We also need to ensure that Sharon Hill is fiscally sound, spending your tax dollars in a responsible and accountable manner. I have a solid work ethic and deeply rooted values, and as your Mayor I promise to lead by example.”


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